Table Church

Jesus welcomed everyone to the table and so do we. No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

Why Table Church?

"Give us each day our daily bread"

--Luke 11:3

One of the most essential ways we are connected to all creation is through the sustenance we receive from plants, animals, and fungi. Food is a daily human necessity. Good food shows us God's desire for us to take pleasure in life and creation, and at the same time we must respect the creation by which we are sustained. Eating together reminds us to give thanks and commit to our stewardship of creation.

Sharing a common table is a radical act of inclusion. Jesus invites everyone to the table. He set an example of enjoying the company of those who were outcast by society, and challenging the socially and politically powerful to join God’s vision of equality and joyful simplicity. Eating together is a faithful witness to God's love and inclusion of all.

What to Expect at Table Church

Come as you are. Many of us will be coming directly from Community Gardening (10:00-11:00am).

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a member and invited to make a name tag including your preferred gender pronouns. 

We all pitch in to prepare for the meal. You'll be invited to join us in setting the table or pulling up chairs.

Our meal is a potluck and we welcome your contribution, whether homemade or store-bought or somewhere in between, although bringing a potluck dish is optional. No one is turned away! 

During the service, we share Holy Communion with bread and non-alcoholic grape juice.

We sit around the table to greet one another, sing, pray, read scripture, and hear a short message. After the message, adults engage in shared reflection while children (Kindergarten - 5th grade) participate in supervised activities nearby. Then we all re-group together for a shared meal.

There is childcare for young children (ages 1-5) for the duration of the service in the Toddler Room.

Cleaning up is also a group effort. We finish up by 1:00pm.

Questions? Email

We hope to see you there!


Table Church meets on the first and third Sundays of the month at 11:00am at Sprout Farm.

Bringing a potluck dish is optional.