Vision + Mission + Values



We envision a community, earth-rooted and love-nourished, that fosters just relationships with ALL of God's creation.


Our mission is to be a Christian community, rooted in the land of the Cape Fear watershed, that nourishes our spiritual lives by growing food and breaking bread together.


Kinship with Creation: God saw all that God created and declared it very good. We value the goodness of all creation, from the rich ecosystem of the soil to the delicious food at our potlucks to the diverse rainbow of human beings. We seek to embody the earthiness of Jesus through care for all human and non-human life.

Community: We value and affirm diverse people showing up as their authentic selves. We are anti-racist and queer-affirming and come from a wide spectrum of religious (and non-religious) upbringings. We believe in intentionally fostering deep relationships and genuine belonging. 

Intentional Practices: We find joy and meaning in doing life together. We play in our garden and take delight in God’s creation. We linger over conversation and a communal meal to share in God’s abundant feast.

Youth: We value the joy, creativity, passion and curiosity that our children and youth bring to the church and the world. Forming young people as grounded, compassionate leaders for today is our priority.

Engagement: We hear the prophets calling God’s people away from the Empire of greed and oppression towards a new way of justice and equity. We follow Jesus into empowering relationships of dignity and trust. Our faith leads us to work for social and environmental justice in all its forms.